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Did your ancestors live in Poland? Do you want to discover your Polish roots? We will help you!

The passion for genealogical research was born several years ago. During my own research, I discovered nearly 2,000 relatives and several hundred ancestors. Several dozen of my relatives have emigrated to the United States in the XIX and XX century.

Due to the fact that my ancestors come from various regions of Poland, I know well the specifics of genealogical research in the Prussian, Russian and Austrian Partitions. I also know the databases well and have access to paid portals, thanks to which we will determine the fate of your Polish ancestors’ journeys!


Genealogical research is a multi-stage project. We always start by checking the information you have about your ancestors. We analyze them (free of charge!) and then present you with research opportunities.

Initial stages:

1. We receive the information you know about your ancestors.
2. We analyze information (free).
3. You receive an offer of genealogical research and a cost estimate.
4. If you accept the offer, we proceed to its implementation.

After each stage, you receive the results of our work and decide whether we continue. Thanks to this, we can start our search at any time you want!


Extended package. Full genealogical search of ancestors and their siblings

The scope of genealogical research includes:

  • finding ancestors in all lines, including their siblings,
  • finding copies of documents, most often: church records, censuses and other, depending on the type of search,
  • translation of records and other documents from foreign languages ​​into English,
  • ancestry chart,
  • report summarizing the stages of the search and all the works with an indication of the directions of further searches,
  • archival maps with marked places from which the ancestors came from.

Standard package. Ancestry genealogical searches

The scope of genealogical research includes:

  • finding only ancestors,
  • sending copies of documents, most often: church records and censuses and others, depending on the type of search,
  • the ability to extend the translation of documents from foreign languages ​​into English,
  • ancestry chart,
  • report summarizing the stages of search and all works.

Mini package. Genealogical searches for specific ancestors

These studies concern specific lines / branches / surnames or locations. E.g:

  • finding ancestors with a specific surname,
  • development of the indicated branch of the family tree (e.g. only great-grandmother’s ancestors),
  • finding ancestors / relatives from a specific place,
  • determining the number of people carrying a given surname in a particular parish.


Alan Jakman – I have been interested in genealogy for almost 10 years. I am a graduate of the University of Silesia in Katowice and the University of Economics in Katowice. I am a founding member of the Association of Polish Professional Genealogists, and also I am a member of the Polish Genealogical Society and the Association of Professional Genealogists.

The result of my own genealogical research is the discovery of nearly 3,000 relatives, over 400 ancestors and finding documents from the end of the 16th century. In order to share the acquired theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of family research, in February 2013 the first issue of the only genealogical magazine in Poland, „More Maiorum„, was published. From the very beginning, I have been managing the editorial office of „More Maiorum”, where genealogy enthusiasts, historians, regionalists and scientists publish their articles. More Maiorum was also mentioned in Polish press:  „Newsweek”,  „Rzeczpospolita”,  „Gość Niedzielny”,  „Angora”, „Gazeta Wyborcza”,  „MamStartup.pl”,  „MamBiznes.pl”,  „Forbes” and  „Puls Biznesu”. I talked about genealogy In TV:  „Dzień Dobry TVN” and on  „TVP”.

I also work with other genealogists in Poland and abroad.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us by the contact form below: